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The Ex-Girlfriend


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After George comes to him complaining about his girlfriend Marlene, Jerry insists that he break up with her. Although claiming he doesn't have the courage to do it, George family takes Jerry's advice and breaks off their relationship. Meanwhile, Elaine is upset when a neighbor has suddenly refused to acknowledge her presence.

Telling Jerry about the break-up, George insists Jerry see Marlene to get back some books he left at her apartment. However, after agreeing to retrieve the books, Jerry suddenly finds himself in a relationship with Marlene. Hearing that Elaine confronted her neighbor about the demise of their casual relationship, Jerry is inspired to see George about his ex-girlfriend.

After George tells him that he doesn't mind his dating Marlene, Jerry decides to pursue her. However, after seeing his comedy act, Marlene realizes that Jerry is not right for her. Although he tries talking her out of it, she finally breaks off their budding relationship.

SEINFACTS SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld

"The Ex-Girlfriend" was intended to start the second season on January 16, 1991. Unfortunately, its premiere was postponed one week due to the commencement of the first Gulf War.

An additional George speech was cut from the final version in which George considers staging his own kidnapping to get out of dating Marlene.

Beginning with this episode, SEINFELD was filmed before a live studio audience on stage 19 of the CBS/MTM lot in Studio City, California.

After viewing this episode, TV critic Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune called Seinfeld "hip without posing, it delivers its comedy in sharp and spectacular style."

SEINSPEAK SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld


"Look do I have to break up with her in person? Can't I do it over the phone? I have no stomach for these things."


"You should just do it like a Band-Aid. One motion, right off!"

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