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The Jacket


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While shopping with Elaine, Jerry is persuaded to buy a very expensive suede jacket. After not having seen him for several years, Elaine has agreed to have dinner with her father, the famous author Alton Benes. Although Benes has a reputation as being difficult and intimidating, Jerry and George have reluctantly agreed to join Elaine for the dinner.

As they are getting ready to leave to meet Elaine and her father, Jerry and George are asked by Kramer to help him with a quick errand. Knowing that Kramer always takes longer than he says, the pair declines his request, not wanting to be late in meeting Benes. However, when they arrive for their rendezvous, Jerry and George are left to entertain Benes when Elaine doesn't show up.

After learning she is going to be late, Jerry and George are left to have an uncomfortable conversation with her father. When she finally arrives, Elaine admits to having agreed to help out Kramer, whose errand took a lot longer then he expected. As they leave for the restaurant and see it is snowing, Elaine and George suggest Jerry turn his new jacket inside out to avoid having it ruined. Ignoring their advice so as not to look like an idiot in front of Benes, Jerry walks the five blocks in the snow, and his expensive new jacket is destroyed.

SEINFACTS SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld

It is revealed in this episode that Kramer owes thousands of dollars in back parking tickets.

It is first revealed in this episode that Elaine reads manuscripts for Pendant Publishing.

Seinfeld's timeslot competitors in Season Two included the second half of Jake and the Fatman, which routinely beat the struggling NBC sitcom. Jerry believed this was because people like turning the channel to see the second half because that's the part of the show where the Fatman has to run.

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"Well, I might have something in the back."


"The back? They never find anything in the back. If they had anything good in the back, they'd put it out in the front."

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