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The Stranded


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After being invited to a party on Long Island, George asks Jerry to come along. Jerry agrees only after George promises to drive and invites Elaine as well. Meanwhile, unable to convince a drug store cashier that he has been shortchanged, George vows to get revenge.

Upon arriving at the party, both Jerry and Elaine quickly realize it is going to be a disaster. However, when George is pursued by Ava, a woman from his office, he leaves his friends to fend for themselves. Much to his surprise, George goes home with Ava, and Jerry and Elaine are stranded until late into the night waiting for Kramer to come and take them home. Although promising Steve, the host of the party, to return his hospitality sometime, Jerry is nonetheless surprised when Steve shows up at his apartment.

Leaving Steve alone, Jerry goes to meet George to talk about the problems with his new office romance. However, after stealing something from the drug store as revenge for being shortchanged, George is arrested. Returning to find Steve arguing with a woman from an escort service over her fee, Jerry pays her the money in order to get everyone to leave and is promptly arrested for solicitation of prostitution.

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Dissatisfied with "The Stranded," Larry David had the episode shelved until mid-way through season three. Its initial broadcast included a special introduction by Jerry to explain the continuity error caused by airing the episode out of sequence.

This episode was nominated for a Writers Guild Award.

Elaine's classic line "Maybe the dingo ate your baby," is actually a quote from the Meryl Streep movie A Cry In The Dark.

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