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The Revenge


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After an argument with his boss, Rick Levitan, George quits his job and vows never to return. However, upon discussing employment possibilities with Jerry, George agrees to go back to work and try pretending that nothing happened. Meanwhile, Jerry reluctantly agrees to take some of Kramer's dirty clothes to the laundry, with clothes of his own.

When returning to the office doesn't work, George enlists Elaine in a plan to get even with Rick. Meanwhile, remembering that he accidentally left $3,500 in his laundry bag, Jerry returns to the laundromat to get it back. When the laundry owner claims no responsibility for lost valuables, Kramer persuades Jerry to get revenge by putting cement in one of his washing machines.

At an anniversary party for Rick's company, Elaine flirts with Rick while George slips a mickey into his ex-boss' drink. However, when Rick notices George, he offers George his job back just before downing the doctored drink. Finally, Kramer discovers the missing money in his clothes and Jerry pays the laundromat owner for the damage, while George oma's revenge costs him a job, again.

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Portions of this episode are based on Larry David's angry resignation from the writing staff of Saturday Night Live. The writer immediately regretted the decision and decided to just show up the next day, pretending the whole thing never happened.

George being barred from the bathroom was inspired by writer Larry Charles' use of the private bathroom in Larry and Jerry's office, much to their annoyance.

Newman was originally meant to appear on camera in this episode, but the role eventually became an off-camera character voiced by Larry David. Wayne Knight re-recorded all of Newman's lines for syndication.

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"Do you think it's effeminate for a man to put clothes in the gentle cycle?"

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