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The Note


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While discussing an insensitive remark he made to his masseuse, Jerry mentions that Roy, his dentist, might be willing to write a doctor's note which would allow massages to be covered by health insurance. Sensing an opportunity to get something for nothing, Elaine and George go to see Jerry's physical therapist. However, after unsuccessfully trying to avoid seeing a male masseuse, George senses he may have responded sexually to the massage and begins to wonder if he is gay.

After confiding to Jerry the fears about his own sexual preference, George is assured that his response to the massage was of no importance. Though finally getting Roy to sign the questionable notes, Jerry and his friends cause a mix up that results in the dentist being investigated for insurance fraud. Meanwhile, no one believes Kramer's claim that he saw baseball great Joe DiMaggio in the local donut shop.

After apologizing to Roy for the trouble they caused, Jerry and George learn they need to get the physical therapist to go along with a story to keep him out of trouble. However, when the masseuse refuses to see them because of Jerry's earlier remark, Roy ends up on probation for six months. Finally, Kramer is redeemed when his friends also spot Joe DiMaggio in their neighborhood donut store, while George's obsession with his sexual preference continues to be a distraction.

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Jerry's nephew Joshua appears briefly as the terrified son of TV Jerry's physical therapist, Julianna.

You can hear Jerry laughing off-screen during the waiting room scene after George says "But, Raymond is a man."

Another short-lived innovation in "The Note" involves the incidental music. A vocalist was added scatting to the familiar theme. This was used for just this episode.

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"I can't get a massage from a man."

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