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The Parking Garage


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After renting a car, Jerry and his friends spend a Saturday shopping at a New Jersey mall. Having bought only an air conditioner for Kramer and some goldfish for Elaine, they decide to head home so George can meet his parents to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary. However, when they get to the parking garage, no one can remember where they parked the car.

During their frustrating and fruitless search, George worries about being late meeting his parents, while Elaine frets over the safety of her fish. Meanwhile, when Jerry needs to use a bathroom, Kramer suggests he go behind one of the cars. Then, unknown to his friends, Jerry finally slips away to relieve himself in the lot and he is arrested by a security guard.

Now worried over Jerry's whereabouts, George ducks behind a car to go the bathroom and is arrested, too. After each of them receives a summons for urinating in public, George and Jerry return to find Elaine, though losing Kramer and, finally, the goldfish. Although eventually stumbling upon their car and Kramer, they are too late for George to meet his parents.

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The end of "The Parking Garage" was scripted to have the gang drive off together. The showcar, however, failed to start, making a perfect unscripted ending to a classic episode. The cast can even be seen cracking up in the aired version as Kramer tries unsuccessfully to turn the engine over.

Writer Larry Charles appears as a man who ignores Elaine when she approaches him for help finding Kramer's car.

Larry David received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for "The Parking Garage."

Kramer casually mentions that he's wearing a jacket left at his mother's house by a guy she's dating. This jacket would become a plot point in the next three episodes.

"The Parking Garage" was difficult to write and create as it all had to be done on the normal Seinfeld soundstage. Jerry's apartment and the studio audience seating was removed. Every shot used showed the entire set so it constantly required shooting from different angles. Mirrors all around the perimeters of the stage gave the illusion of further depth and with just a dozen cars, the illusion of being in a giant parking garage was complete.

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"We're like rats in some experiment."

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