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Finding himself unable to say no, George agrees to take an I.Q. test for his girlfriend Monica. However, afraid that he won't measure up, when George discovers that Elaine has a very high I.Q., he convinces her to take the test for him. Meanwhile, when a new restaurant in the neighborhood, Babu Bhatt's Dream Cafe, fails to attract any customers, Jerry decides to help the owner.

After George slips Elaine the test through Monica's window, Elaine takes it to the Dream Cafe, where a host of distractions cause her to do very poorly. When George gets the results back from Monica, Elaine suggests he get another copy of the test, and she will take it over for him. Concluding that he is serving too many types of food, Jerry suggests that Babu Bhatt change to an all Pakistani restaurant, while Kramer is pursued by the original owner of his favorite sport coat.

When he is caught by Monica cheating a second time, George admits that Elaine has been taking the tests for him. When the new menu fails to bring in any customers, Babu Bhatt accuses Jerry of destroying his new business. Finally, Elaine learns she scored much higher on the second test, while Kramer loses the jacket after trying to hide it in Jerry's apartment.

SEINFACTS SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld

Elaine's IQ is revealed to be 151 at the end of this episode.

The Babu Bhatt character was originally scripted as Vong Sim though actors of all ethnicities were considered for the role.

Six actors auditioned for the role of the "Angry Man's Voice," but the part ended up going to Deck Mackenzie who also worked every week as Jerry's stand-in.

This is the first episode in which Jerry's Klein bicycle is shown hanging outside his bathroom door.

SEINSPEAK SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld


"People think I'm smart, but I'm not smart."


"Who thinks you're smart?"

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