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The Suicide


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While talking in the hallway with his neighbor Gina, Jerry is snubbed by her jealous boyfriend Martin. Later that evening, Gina wakes Jerry to ask for his help after Martin tries to commit suicide during a jealous rage. With Martin in a coma, Gina asks the reluctant Jerry for a kiss right in her dying boyfriend's hospital room. Meanwhile, Elaine must fast for three days to prepare for an ulcer test, and a psychic warns George not to take a vacation in the Cayman Islands that he has planned.

Learning of Martin's coma, Kramer insists on getting back the vacuum cleaner that he loaned him while, after spending the night with her, Jerry is spotted with Gina by Martin's friend Newman. At the hospital, Elaine hallucinates from hunger as she awaits her test, and Jerry worries about Newman's visit to the still comatose Martin. Concerned about taking the trip, George sells his ticket to Kramer even though the psychic never told him exactly what would happen if he went.

After Jerry bribes Newman with some coffee cake to buy his silence, a starving Elaine grabs the cake and devours it, prompting the neighbor tell all to the just-waking Martin. Then, in a fit of jealousy Martin tries to strangle Jerry as Kramer pleads for him to return the vacuum cleaner. After taking George's trip, Kramer reports spending the entire time in the company of a group of beautiful and oftentimes nude fashion models. Finally, while Jerry is invited to a party being given by Martin and Gina, Elaine must begin her fast again because she missed taking the test.

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This episode marks the first onscreen appearance of Jerry's nemesis Newman, as played by Wayne Knight. No explanation is given for their animosity, but during an interview Jerry summed it up by saying, "Superman had Lex Luthor. He's mine."

Wayne Knight auditioned for the role of Newman on November 21, 1991.

In his scene with the psychic, George mentions that his brother once impregnated a woman named Pauline. His brother is mentioned only one other time and then is forgotten by the time we meet George's mother in "The Contest."

Jason Alexander's mother makes a cameo appearance in this episode, sitting on a bench next to Elaine.

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"You are not a man."


"Well, then what are all those ties and sports jackets doing in my closet?"

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