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The Boyfriend


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Jerry is surprised when baseball star Keith Hernandez approaches him in the locker room of their gym, saying how much he enjoys his nightclub act and suggesting they get together for dinner. Needing an extension on his unemployment insurance, George lies to his caseworker, Mrs. Sokol, giving her Jerry's address and phone number and claiming he is a prospective employer. Meanwhile, as Jerry worries about coming on too strong with Keith, Kramer and his friend Newman recall an ugly spitting incident with the ballplayer after a game in 1987.

After giving Elaine a ride downtown in their cab, Keith asks Jerry if he can call her for a date. Although he says it's alright, Jerry is surprised when he asks her out on the very same night he is supposed to see the ballplayer again. When Kramer accidentally upsets George's plan by answering Jerry's phone, George manages to get the extension after asking if he could date Mrs. Sokol's daughter, Carrie. Meanwhile, disturbed by Keith and Elaine kissing on their first date, Jerry agrees to help the ballplayer move to a new house, even though his friends say that he doesn't yet know him well enough.

After their second date, Carrie tells George not to call again because he has no future while, on their second date, Elaine has doubts about Keith after learning that he smokes cigarettes. Desperate to get his extension, George bribes Mrs. Sokol by promising to deliver Keith to her office within an hour while, back at the apartment, Jerry confesses that he cannot help with the move. However, when Kramer and Newman hear Keith's version of the spitting incident, they agree to help him move, leaving George without any leverage with Mrs. Sokol.

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This episode is also known as "The New Friend." In fact, in an introduction recorded for a rebroadcast of the one hour storyline, Jerry called it "The New Friend" as well as his favorite episode.

This episode was expanded to an hour because the script's first draft timed out at forty-five minutes and Larry and Jerry didn't want to cut it. They went to NBC and got permission to do a one hour episode.

This is the only episode to feature the episode title in the opening credits.

The name Vandelay returned to prominence in this episode as George invents Vandelay Industries as a name of a company George had applied to for a job.

This is the first episode to feature Jerry's trademark reading of "Hello, Newman."

This episode earned writers Larry David and Larry Levin a Writers' Guild Award Nomination.

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"That must have been one magic loogie."

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