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The Keys


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After finding Kramer repeatedly using his apartment, Jerry demands that his neighbor return his set of spare keys. Though apologizing for having misused them, Kramer later asks Jerry to return his own set of keys as well. Then, asked to keep a set of Kramer's keys, George agrees, but only after getting his own keys back from Elaine to make the trade.

Declaring that New York is a dead city, Kramer announces he is going to California to find work as an actor. However, forced to abandon his broken down car and hitchhike, Kramer is picked up by a suicidal motorcyclist, a group of nomadic hippies, and a lusty female truck driver. Meanwhile, George is upset when Elaine asks him to return her keys so that she may give them to Jerry.

When he is locked out of his own apartment, Jerry asks George for help in retrieving his spare set of keys from Elaine's. Although George initially resists, he finally lets him in, where they come across a script Elaine is writing for the popular television comedy, Murphy Brown. However, when she catches the pair reading her work, Elaine is outraged and, after giving Jerry his keys, demands that George return hers since he can't be trusted. Finally, as Jerry is instructing Elaine on the finer points of writing comedy, they suddenly notice Kramer in an episode of Murphy Brown

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Though it aired as the season finale, "The Keys" was shot before "The Parking Space."

Kramer's appearance on the Murphy Brown set (along with a cameo appearance by Candace Bergen) was intended to be a secret until entertainment reporter Marilyn Beck broke the story weeks before it aired.

Seinfeld recalls being amazed at the efficiency and smoothness of the Murphy Brown production team. "Everybody knows what they're doing! Our show is kind of a jalopy. We herk and jerk along. It's kind of rough, you know, and we like that. We don't really want to improve it."

The crossover of Seinfeld with Murphy Brown marked the first time rival networks cooperated on such an appearance.

According to the audition sheets, Jerry's girlfriend in this episode is called Lisa.

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"Because you see, George, Having the keys to Jerry's apartment? That kept me in a fantasy world. Every time I went over to his house, it was like I was on vacation. Better food, better view, better TV. And cleaner? Oh-much cleaner. That became my reality. I ignored the squalor of my own life because I'm looking at life, you see, through Jerry's eyes. I was living in twilight, George. Living in the shadows. Living in the darkness, like you."

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