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The Bubble Boy


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Left without his date for a weekend at Susan's cabin, Jerry agrees to ask Elaine. However, still sensitive about his vomiting on Susan, Jerry and George keep the trip a secret from Kramer, who has been invited to play golf at an exclusive country club. Approached by a delivery truck driver whose son Donald must live inside a plastic bubble, Jerry is asked to pay him a visit for his birthday. After Elaine insists that Jerry do it, Susan points out that Donald's house is on the way to the cabin and says they can all stop during the trip.

When he and Elaine find themselves left behind because of George's manic driving, Jerry admits he doesn't have directions to the bubble boy's house. Meanwhile, when his golf date is cancelled, Kramer is browsing in Jerry's apartment when Naomi calls to say she has changed her mind about the trip and he agrees to take her to the cabin himself. Arriving at the bubble boy's house, Susan and George are introduced to the irascible and rude Donald, while Jerry tries to recover an autographed photo he reluctantly gave to a waitress.

Finding himself being beaten and taunted by Donald during a game of Trivial Pursuit, George tries using a misprint to gain an advantage and is attacked, causing the bubble to spring a leak. Arriving at the cabin, Kramer breaks in and waits with Naomi for everyone else to arrive. As Jerry's argument with the waitress escalates into a fight, word arrives that the bubble boy was attacked and, hurrying to the house, Jerry and Elaine see Donald being rushed to the hospital as the locals prepare to avenge the attack. Finally, while he is on a late night swim with Naomi, Kramer's cigar sets the cabin ablaze and, arriving to find the roaring inferno, a horrified Susan watches as her family's lakeside retreat is destroyed.

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The voice and arm of the Bubble Boy was played by staff writer and comedian Jon Hayman.

George Shapiro remembers the reaction from some parties to "The Bubble Boy": "The bubble boy wasn't treated too well in the episode. So, we got a negative response from all the bubble boys and their family and friends."

The Moops/Moors controversy between George and the Bubble Boy's Trivial Pursuit question is based on a real misprint which was encountered by Seinfeld staff writer Bill Masters.

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"So anyway, you're his favorite comedian. He laughed so hard the other night we had to give him an extra shot of hemoglobin."


"That's nice!"

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