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The Mango


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As George confesses to lacking confidence about his performance in bed with new girlfriend Karen, Elaine arrives and surprises Jerry by admitting she faked her orgasms back when they were romantically involved. While George worries that Karen may be giving him a similar treatment and delicately questions her about their sex life, Jerry asks for another chance to satisfy Elaine. But, worried about the consequences, she refuses and jeopardizes the future of the their friendship. Meanwhile, returning a bad peach to Joe the greengrocer ends up getting Kramer banned from his store.

After experiencing problems in bed with Karen, George blames Jerry and Elaine for his sudden loss of potency, while Kramer seeks help in buying fruit from Joe. Though reluctant to get involved, Jerry tries to do Kramer's bidding but is challenged by Joe and banned from the store, too. Then, to bolster his self confidence and prove himself to Elaine, Jerry calls some old girlfriends to ask whether they ever faked it with him.

Enlisted by Kramer to do his shopping at Joe's, George returns with his fruit and then rushes off to see Karen after discovering that a slice of mango has cured his impotence. Then, as Elaine arrives with some of the things he left at her apartment, she finally concedes to having sex with Jerry in order to save their friendship. However, after George accuses Karen of faking an orgasm and is asked to leave, Jerry discovers he now has a performance problem of his own.

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This episode was written under the working title, "The Orgasm."

According to the script, the main criterion for knowing whether a guy is in love with someone is if he cleans the bathtub before she comes over.

"The Mango" saw the return of Kramer's favorite fruit stand, Joe's, which was first mentioned in season two's "The Ex-Girlfriend."

Jerry and Elaine have sex for the last time in the final scene of this episode.

The name "Almo's Bar and Grill" can be seen on the next store over from Joe's fruit stand. Almo is the name of the father of "Seinfeld" set designer Tom Azarri.

Jerry appears in several scenes wearing a Queens College t-shirt. Queens is the college Jerry attended in real life.

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"The woman had an orgasm under false pretenses. That's sexual perjury!"

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