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The Glasses


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After his glasses are stolen at the health club, George vows to find the thief as Kramer suggests he see a friend who recently helped Jerry with a good deal on an air conditioner. Promised a hefty discount on some glasses simply by mentioning Kramer's name, George persuades Jerry and Elaine to help him choose a new pair. However, when Elaine is bitten at the store by a passing dog, George chases the owner and his pet, only to quickly return claiming he saw Jerry's new girlfriend kissing his cousin Jeffrey on the sidewalk outside. So, as Jerry rushes Elaine to the hospital, George finds that Kramer's name does not produce a discount as he inadvertently buys a pair of ladies glasses.

Though he tries tricking Amy into confessing, when she leaves after being put off by his questions, Jerry accuses George of ruining the relationship. Revealing she didn't get a rabies shot, Elaine accompanies Kramer to the store, where he demands that George be given a discount on the glasses while she tries in vain to learn the name of the dog's owner before undergoing a painful rabies treatment. Then, after Elaine spots the dog and its owner from Jerry's window, Kramer's door slamming accidentally sends the new air conditioner crashing down on the unsuspecting pet.

After chasing a man he believes stole his glasses, George persuades a blind man to trade his pair for the ladies frames he bought. Then, arriving at Jeffrey's only to find his Uncle Leo instead, Jerry's plan to trap Amy is exposed, causing her to reconsider their relationship once again. Finally, with the aid of his new glasses George realizes he misidentified Jerry's girlfriend, while Amy is attracted by Jeffrey's air conditioner and Jerry ends up paying the injured dog's medical bills.

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The jokes about George being able to see when he squints were added by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld in script revisions made during production.

The glasses story was inspired by writer Tom Gammill's real experience of having his glasses stolen from him while changing clothes in a locker room.

The blind man who George escorts through the city streets is played by Rance Howard, who is the father of film director Ron Howard.

The exterior of the Health Club was actually the same building which housed the cast's dressing rooms during the time Seinfeld was shot on Stage 19.

While trying to stop the air conditioner from falling from Jerry's apartment, Michael Richards nearly broke his ribs. After the episode finished filming, he was taken to the hospital for precautionary x-rays.

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"Who steals prescription glasses?"


"You don't have an old pair?"


"I broke 'em playing basketball."


"He was running from a bee."

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