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The Puffy Shirt


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After helping George move in with his parents, Jerry joins Elaine for dinner with Kramer and Leslie, a fashion designer with the unnerving habit of talking so quietly no one can ever hear what she is saying. As Kramer lets his friends in on Leslie's latest creation, a puffy shirt like the ones worn by pirates, Elaine announces that Jerry will be appearing on The Today Show to promote a charity benefit. Meanwhile, during dinner with his parents, George inadvertently collides with a modelling agency owner who notices he has a pair of remarkable hands.

Recounting the fortuitous accident, George reveals he has already been given his first assignment as a hand model, while Kramer notes how Jerry's offer to wear the puffy shirt on television has helped Leslie's flagging business. However, unaware that he ever agreed to anything of the sort, Jerry realizes he has been victimized by Leslie's low talking. But, when he balks upon seeing the shirt and Elaine warns that it will mock the benefit to help clothe the homeless, Jerry is persuaded by Kramer to make good on his promise because Leslie has so much at stake. Meanwhile, George's life takes a dramatic turn after being told he has the most exquisite pair of hands in the business.

Upset by Bryant Gumbel's jokes about his clothes, Jerry loses his cool on the air and claims the puffy shirt is the stupidest thing he has ever seen. Upon hearing the remark, Leslie launches into a screaming tirade and accuses Jerry of ruining her career. Then, as George arrives with news of his good fortune and weighs in with his own negative views of the shirt, Leslie shoves him into a hot iron, forever ruining his future as a hand model. Finally, as Jerry, George and Elaine all complain about the damage caused by the puffy shirt, Kramer says the fiasco also destroyed Leslie's business.

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In this episode it is revealed that Estelle Costanza has never laughed and that Helen Seinfeld has never set foot in a natural body of water in her life.

While doing his first hand modeling job, George reveals that he won the previous season's contest of self-denial.

Jerry flew to New York to film his Today Show appearance with Bryant Gumbel on the show's actual set.

Following this episode's airing, Jerry began to be heckled in his real stand-up appearances with comments from the audience such as "Avast ye matey!"

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"But I don't want to be a pirate!"

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