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The Bris


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Though surprised and flattered when they are asked to be Godparents to Stan and Myra Flick's new son, Elaine and Jerry quickly learn that it will mean arranging the new baby's bris. Then, as George admires the good parking spot he found right outside, Kramer arrives screaming about seeing a half man, half pig in another room as a suicidal mental patient jumps from the hospital's roof and lands on the well-parked car. So, with Elaine struggling to find a mohel for the bris and Jerry fretting about holding the baby during the ritual circumcision, Kramer claims that DNA research at the hospital is responsible for creating the pig-man.

Taking Jerry back to the hospital to prove his claim, Kramer uncovers evidence of the pig-man's existence. Meanwhile, as he demands compensation for the damage to his car, a hospital administrator accuses George of trying to profit from the tragic suicide and throws him out of her office. Then, Jerry and Elaine question why they were chosen as Godparents in the first place as Kramer tries to talk the parents out of going through with the bris.

When a very high strung and nervous mohel arrives at the Flicks, he ignores Kramer's last minute appeal and proceeds with the circumcision, only to cut Jerry's finger instead. So, after George finds another prime parking spot, Jerry is rushed into the emergency room where another encounter with the mohel quickly escalates into a violent argument. Finally, after Kramer's liberation of the pig-man results in the theft of George's car, Stan and Myra change their minds and ask Kramer to be their baby's Godfather instead.

SEINFACTS SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld

In this episode, Elaine describes an uncircumcised penis as having "no face or personality. It was like a Martian."

The hospital sets in this episode were re-used several more times in the series. This was possible because production company Castle Rock took the unusual step of renting a warehouse to store old sets, instead of having them built to order. This allowed the costs to stay relatively low and made it possible to shoot episodes with as many as twenty sets.

The Pig Man's squeals and snorts were provided by Seinfeld production worker Brady Thomas.

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"It had no face, no personality. It was like a Martian."

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