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The Lip Reader


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As Jerry eyes a beautiful official at a U.S. Open tennis match, George goes to buy some more sunblock and, stopping for a quick hot fudge sundae, unknowingly becomes the butt of a television commentator's jokes. Approaching the lineswoman but unable to get her attention, Jerry soon discovers Laura is actually deaf as she agrees to a date. Meanwhile, in order to avoid having to talk with a car service driver, Elaine tries to pretend she is deaf. But, feeling bad after the driver catches her trying to fool him, she is persuaded by her friends to try and make it up to him with some free concert tickets.

As Kramer announces that he wants to be the first ball-man at the U.S. Open tennis tournament, he tells

Jerry and Elaine about seeing George on television. After he is unexpectedly dumped by his latest

girlfriend, George then wonders if his appearance on television had anything to do with Gwen's decision.

So, joining Jerry and Laura on their date, George persuades her to go to a mutual friend's party and lip read

Gwen's conversations to find out what caused the break up.

After calling the car service to take them to Todd's party, Elaine and her friends are forced to find other transportation when the angry driver complains that his hearing was damaged as a result of the concert tickets she gave him. So, arriving late to find Laura already there, George immediately puts her to work to uncover what Gwen is saying to their host. But, when Kramer's signing skills are challenged and Laura misreads what is being said, George wrongly accuses Gwen and Todd of planning to spend the night together. Finally, Kramer's accidental stumble injures a star player and puts an end to the ball-man experiment.

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It's revealed that Kramer knows sign language because he has a deaf cousin.

If you look closely, you can see Jerry shaking with laughter at the end of Newman's rant when he says, "when you control the mail, you control information.

Casting Director Marc Hirschfeld and Casting Associate Brian Meyers appear as tennis spectator extras in the episode's first scenes at the US Open.

Larry David and former writer Steve Skrovan provided the commentary for the US Open TV coverage which showed George eating a sundae. David also provides the voice of the dispatching clerk for the car service company.

Monica Seles was approached to appear in the final scene where Kramer runs into her on the tennis court. Seles turned down the offer and a stuntwoman was used instead and shot from behind.

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"You remember this: When you control the mail, you control information."

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