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The Masseuse


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After convincing Elaine to ask a new boyfriend to change his name, one he shares with a notorious serial killer, Jerry and a masseuse named Jodi double date with George and his on-again girlfriend Karen. But, over at dinner with his friends, George delights Karen but says something which upsets Jodi, all while Jerry tries to subtly call attention to his own need for a massage. Meanwhile, Kramer agrees to attend a New York Giants football game with Elaine and boyfriend Joel Rifkin.

As Jerry steps up his efforts to get a massage, Karen tries to interest George in sex as he worries about whether Jodi likes him. Learning that she doesn't, George then sets out to win her over by carrying Jodi's massage table downstairs, while Kramer tells Jerry that she gave him the massage of a lifetime before heading for the game. But, after a problem at the ticket window results in the controversial name being announced to the entire stadium, Kramer returns from the game begging for another massage. Yet, Jerry steadfastly refuses to allow it and vows to be the next to experience Jodi's magic touch.

As George's obsession about offending Jodi becomes more than she can bear, Karen decides to end their relationship once again, while convinced that a change of name would be the best thing to do, Joel finds it difficult finding one which pleases Elaine. When Jodi arrives at his apartment and he begins dropping some not-so-subtle hints about getting a massage, despite her willingness to have sex, she balks at giving Jerry what he really wants. Then, after Jodi insists she won't be forced into anything and storms off while, intrigued by the fact that she could hate him so much, George tries to stop her.

SEINFACTS SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld

Jerry reveals that he hasn't vomited since September 29, 1980, over thirteen years earlier. This streak would be broken four episodes later.

Kramer's assertion that being adopted causes people to become serial killers led to an unusually large negative response from viewers who felt the show's humor had gone too far with the joke.

Real New York Giants stadium announcer Bob Sheppard provided the voice-over announcements calling for Joel Rifkin to report to the stadium office.

While thinking up a new name for her boyfriend who shares a name with a serial killer, Elaine suggests "O.J." as a cool option: something which proved slightly odd a year later when O.J. Simpson was arrested for a multiple homicide.

George's assertion that attractive women never get traffic tickets would be played out several years later in the seventh season episode, "The Calzone."

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"I haven't vomited in 13 years."

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