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The Stall


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While on a date with Sasha, George learns that the differences in their religions have caused her parents to order her to stop seeing him. So, while George decides to convert to the Latvian Orthodox faith, after questioning the qualifications of Elaine's podiatrist, Jerry makes a date to see his new neighbor, Tawni. But, when a peek into her medicine cabinet uncovers a fungicide, he decides that, before going any further, he must know what it is for. So, as Jerry asks Elaine to ask her podiatrist identify the ointment, George meets with the Latvian Orthodox priests to discuss his conversion.

While waiting for George at the church, Kramer meets a young novice who immediately fails in love with him. Meanwhile, persuaded to find out if the tube even belongs to Tawni, Jerry is forced to steal the fungicide in order to avoid being caught snooping, while Elaine insults her podiatrist when she suggests he is not really a doctor. Then, as Jerry catches George preparing to cheat on his conversion exam, Kramer announces that Sister Roberta has decided to leave the church because of the feelings he has stirred in her. So, after George passes the test with amazing results, Kramer meets with the Latvian priests who, claiming he has an animal-like power over women, give him the recipe for a potion which will rid him of the problem.

Told that the fungicide is actually for Tawni's cat, Jerry offers to help find another tube. Meanwhile, despite his parents attempt to talk him out of it, George arrives at the church for his conversion, where Kramer discovers that his cure has worked as Roberta reaffirms her vow to become a nun. Then, after her podiatrist sees the fungicide inside her medicine cabinet, he reconsiders going to bed with Elaine. But, when Jerry and Tawni arrive at her apartment, the truth comes out when Elaine swears that the ointment is not hers. Finally, George discovers that, despite all his efforts, Sasha is going back to Latvia for a year.

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Jerry coins the term "mimbo" to refer to Elaine's boyfriend Tony as he is a male bimbo.

All of the rock climbing scenes for "The Stall" were filmed on Stage 9. A thirty foot "rock" was built which could hold the actors as they scaled its surface. The illusion was completed through the use of blue screen effects which showed sky and clouds behind the actors.

In a rare occurrence, Jerry is shown working on his computer twice.

In this episode, Kramer refers to George as a "ginga," the first of many made-up words Michael Richards used for Kramerisms in the show's later years.

In a callback to "The Masseuse" episode, Jerry receives a massage from Jane and tells her that he's been waiting for it for a long time.

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"Can you spare a square?"

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