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The Raincoats


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When Jerry's parents come to stay en route to France, George extends them an invitation to join his mom and dad for dinner. Then, to avoid having to be a Big Brother, George claims he is going to France and then asks the Seinfelds to send postcards to make it seem as though he is really there. Meanwhile, after Kramer encourages George to sell his father's old clothes to a thrift store, the Seinfelds falsely claim they already have dinner plans, not wanting to admit that they just don't like the Costanzas. Then, after Elaine's new boyfriend takes the Seinfelds for a behind the scenes museum tour, Kramer drops by wearing a raincoat created by Jerry's dad. Told they are now valuable, Morty says he still has boxes of the coats in his garage and Kramer offers to sell them in exchange for a cut of the profits.

Agreeing to join Kramer for dinner, Morty asks his neighbor Jack to send the raincoats to New York while, unaware of how the Seinfelds really feel, Estelle and Frank extend their invitation for the following night. Then, George's lie compounds his problem when he is asked to take Joey to Pans to find his father while, at Rudy's thrift store making a sale, he discovers that Kramer had dinner with Morty and Helen. Confronting Jerry about his parents' lie, George then asks if they would be willing to take Joey along with them to Paris, while Elaine finds that Aaron has invited Morty and Helen to join them for a romantic evening on the town. Seeing the four of them sharing a hansom cab and drinking champagne, George realizes that his parents have been snubbed again, while Jack calls to say he couldn't get the garage open, delaying the arrival of the coats by another day. Meanwhile, the Costanzas decide to take a cruise, only to have Frank discover that all of his cabana wear is missing. Though realizing his mistake, George is unaware that Rudy has burned them, while Newman is disgusted when he sees Jerry and his girlfriend Rachel making out during Schindler's List.

Arriving at the thrift store where he tries to get the clothes back, George complains about the Seinfelds and prompts Kramer to conclude that his deal with Morty isn't lucrative enough. But, after Morty decides that it is Kramer who is actually getting too much, they finally negotiate a price just like their original deal. Deciding to cause Jerry trouble, Newman tells the Seinfelds about his behavior during the movie while, getting more bad news about the raincoats, Morty calls off the trip to France so he can complete his deal with Kramer. Then, when Kramer arrives wearing a shirt he bought from Rudy and Frank accuses him being a thief, George is forced to tell his thd the truth.

SEINFACTS SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld

Judge Reinhold was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his portrayal of Elaine's boyfriend Aaron.

The jacket George wears in the beginning of "The Raincoats" is the same one which was given by the producers to the cast and crew for a Christmas gift the previous year.

Morty Seinfeld got the idea after tripping over one of Jerry's toys when he was a kid. He took off his belt to punish him and caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, and thus, "The Executive" was born. The character's experience with fashion led to his being hired in the eighth season by Elaine's boss, J. Peterman.

Estelle Harris believes that the Seinfelds disliked the Costanzas because they were snobs who thought they were too good for Frank and Estelle.

This episode originally aired as a one-hour special episode, paired with "The Raincoats, Part 2"

The final shot of the episode involving Rudy burning Frank Costanza's cabana clothes was also filmed in the ubiquitous alley outside the show's writer's office. Rudy's line, "Lousy, moth-ridden crap," was actually looped by Larry David during post-production.

SEINSPEAK SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld


"Maybe this will become a cool thing, living with your parents."


"Yeah, and maybe baldness will catch on. Things will all be turning your way."

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