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The Opposite


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As Elaine proudly announces her new promotion, George concludes that all of his instincts in life have been wrong. Deciding to try something different, he changes his regular lunch order and, upon catching her eye, ends up making a date with a beautiful customer named Victoria. Then, on their date George impresses Victoria with an uncharacteristic display of bravery, while Kramer's coffee table book lands him on "Live With Regis and Kathie Lee" and a sudden cancellation followed by another last minute booking keeps Jerry's busy schedule in balance.

While waiting at the movies, Elaine learns that her date had an accident and is in the hospital. But, after finding she stopped to buy a box of candy before going to see him, Jake accuses her of being insensitive and asks to be left alone. Then, after Jerry claims that his life always seem to be able to even itself out, Elaine tests his theory by throwing $20 out the window. Arriving with Jerry's twenty in hand, George notes that Victoria's uncle has set him up with a job interview with the New York Yankees, while Kramer's appearance on television is marred when he spits coffee on Kathie Lee.

As Kramer is told by Lippman not to do anymore TV shows, George's honesty with Yankee owner George Steinbrenner lands him the job. Then, after Elaine is evicted from the apartment she has been subletting for the last four years, Jerry is dumped by his girlfriend, only to meet someone new. To make matters worse, Elaine knocks Lippman's handkerchief into a wastebasket, setting off a chain of events which prove embarrassing to the head of a Japanese conglomerate slated to buy the publishing company. So, when the misunderstanding caused by her mistake ends up bringing down Pendant Publishing and jeopardizes the future of Kramer's book, Elaine realizes that she has become George

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Jerry found Live with Regis and Kathie Lee to be a fascinating show because "They're not doing anything. You can't do less than they do and make a living. And I for one couldn't be more impressed to do little more than dent a seat cushion in a chair and make a zillion dollars."

After Seinfeld caught the Live hosts lovingly discuss a Seinfeld episode, Jerry, Julia and Michael filmed a parody which they sent to the New York show's production office. The unscripted spoof was actually broadcast on Regis and Kathie Lee a few days later.

The storyline of George doing the opposite of his instincts was actually foreshadowed in the very first episode of Seinfeld when George hinted that doing that always doing the opposite to your instincts is the way to be successful.

When Kramer shares the news that he's going to be appearing on the Regis and Kathie Lee Show, Jerry offers to loan him the puffy shirt to wear.

Kramer tells Regis that the idea for his coffee table book occurred to him while skiing even though it was clearly something he thought up at the Costanza's house in "The Cigar Store Indian."

"The Opposite" marks the debut "appearance" of George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld. Larry David provided the voice of Steinbrenner.

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"Bald men with no jobs and no money who live with their parents don't approach strange women."

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