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The Rye


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With her new relationship with jazz musician John Germaine going well, Elaine lets Jerry in on the news. However, when Jerry then mentions it to a member of John's band, she worries about appearing too eager. Meanwhile, wanting to make a good impression, George's dad insists on bringing a special loaf of rye bread to a dinner with Susan's parents. And after a buying spree at a bulk discount store, Kramer agrees to drive a friend's hansom cab for a week.

While returning home from their disastrous dinner, George discovers his dad kept the loaf of marble rye they brought as a gift. While George insists it was just an oversight, Frank and Estelle are sure the Rosses didn't serve the bread on purpose. And when it's found to be missing, Mr. Ross is certain that the Costanzas took it back. Meanwhile, her next date convinces Elaine that Jerry's remarks have caused John to cool towards her.

When George decides to secretly replace the bread, he hires Kramer to give Mr. and Mrs. Ross a hansom cab ride for their wedding anniversary and sends Jerry to buy a replacement loaf. However, Jerry's arrival with the bread is delayed when he must fight an elderly customer for the bakery's last loaf. And Kramer's horse's extreme case of flatulence causes the Ross's cab ride to be cut short. So, upon returning home early, they catch George and Jerry trying to sneak the rye bread inside. Finally, after Elaine admits she's interested in him, their quick trip to John's apartment ends up jeopardizing his career.

SEINFACTS SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld

Because extensive outdoor city filming was required in "The Rye," the episode's exterior scenes were made on the Paramount Studios lot. The shoot went into the wee hours and during the night, a snowball fight broke out with the cast and crew.

The complete commercial jingle for "Beef-A-Reeno" goes as follows: "I'm so keen-o, On Beef-A-Reeno. What a delicious cuisine-oh! Fit for a king and queen-o."

One of the passengers in Kramer's daytime hansom park tour of Central Park is Eugene Lew, Seinfeld's production accountant.

SEINSPEAK SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld


"Let me understand, you got the hen, the chicken and the rooster. The rooster goes with the chicken. So, who's having sex with the hen?"


"Why don't we talk about it another time."


"But you see my point here? You only hear of a hen, a rooster and a chicken. Something's missing!"


"Something's missing alright"


"They're all chickens. The rooster has sex with all of them."


"That's perverse."

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