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The Bottle Deposit, Part 2


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After being accused of not remembering an important assignment at work, George is determined not to make the same mistake twice. However, when he fails to follow his boss Mr. Wilhelm into the men's room, he again misses some important instructions. Meanwhile, as Jerry blames Kramer and Newman for ruining his car, Elaine is sent to an auction to buy President John Kennedy's old golf clubs. And though authorized by her boss to spend up to $10,000, a bidding war with an old rival forces Elaine to spend twice that much.

While Elaine prepares to break the news to Peterman, she leaves the clubs in Jerry's car. But Jerry has a run in with his temperamental mechanic, who then absconds with the car and Peterman's golf clubs, too. Meanwhile, Kramer and Newman team up to use a postal delivery truck to transport a load of recyclables to Michigan and cash in on that state's higher bottle deposit. En route, Kramer spots Tony the car-napping mechanic and calls Jerry who, along with Elaine, urges him to follow the car and the golf clubs.

While Kramer is forced to get rid of Newman in order to maintain his pursuit, Tony begins throwing the JFK golf clubs at the truck. Though Jerry insists he keep up his chase and get the car, Kramer eventually stops to retrieve the mangled clubs for Elaine to return to her boss. Finally, unaware of Wilhelm's slipping mental faculties, George takes credit for a project he knows nothing about and lands in an insane asylum.

SEINFACTS SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld

We learn in this episode that Jerry drives a Saab 900S. His New York license plate number is JVN-728.

The farmer who chases off Newman with his shotgun is played by Rance Howard. Howard had previously appeared as the Blind Man in The Glasses.

Though it's unclear whether the farmer's daughter is merely confused, her calling him Norman has led some fans to believe that this is Newman's given name. According to the show's creators, though, Newman's first name was never revealed.

SEINSPEAK SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld


"I don't get it. He assigns it to you. You don't do it. Somehow it gets done, and now he's telling you what a great job you did?"


"Maybe somebody did it and didn't take credit for it. Maybe it was already done and didn't need doing in the first place. I have no idea who did it, what they did or how they did it so well. And you know what? Jimmy crack corn and I don't care."

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