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The Bizarro Jerry


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While showing Kramer an office building bathroom he frequently uses, George is attracted to the company's receptionist. Deciding to woo her by claiming his fiancee just died, he shows Amanda a picture of Gillian, a woman Jerry is considering dating. And when it works, he's invited to a private club where Amanda and friends from her days as a fashion model hang out. Meanwhile, when the bathroom visit results in him being mistaken for a staff member, Kramer becomes a key advisor at Brandt-Leland.

On his first date with Gillian, Jerry is impressed with everything except her man-like hands. And when Jerry fails to show up to help her with some work, Elaine calls her boyfriend Kevin, who's exactly the opposite of Jerry, and whose friends are the reverse images of George and Kramer -- just like Superman's Bizarro World! Feeling left out now that Kramer is at work every day, Jerry decides to break up with Gillian because of her hands. However, when he accidentally melts the picture George has been using to bolster his story, Jerry must continue seeing Gillian at least until he gets another.

As Kramer's situation at Brandt-Leland unravels over his shoddy work, George's failure to find another picture suddenly has him on the outs with Amanda. And when he tries taking Jerry to see the club, George is stunned to find it has moved. Finally, when Elaine tries treating Kevin and company just like her own friends, it does little to endear her to them.

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The concept behind this episode, of having a world made up of everyone's total opposite, is based on the Bizarro World stories featured in Superman comic books. In that world, a costumed super-villain with a backwards "S" on his chest does evil deeds in the exact opposite way that Superman does. Not coincidentally, Jerry Seinfeld and episode writer David Mandel both grew up as extremely avid fans of Superman.

This episode contains many self-referential moments beyond the Bizarro aspects. Art Vandelay is mentioned as is George's intimate knowledge of the best toilets to be found in Manhattan. Reggie's coffee shop from "The Soup" returns as The Bizarro version of Monk's.

The Bizarro versions of Jerry, George, Kramer and Newman are called Kevin, Gene, Feldman and Vargas.

George keeps a poster of Dennis Franz, balding chubby star of NYPD blue, on the wall of his bathroom as an inspiration.

Bizarro Jerry's, (aka Kevin's), apartment was designed as an exact opposite in every way to Jerry's own. Kevin even keeps a statue of Bizarro on his living room shelf as opposed to Jerry's Superman statue. Even the music over the end credits is a reverse version of the usual Seinfeld incidental musical stings.

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"She had man-hands."




"The hands of a man. It's like a creature out of Greek mythology. I mean, she was like part woman, part horrible beast."

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