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The Money


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When his parents arrive for a last minute visit, Jerry learns that concern for his finances prompted them to sell the Cadillac he bought for them. As Jerry secretly plans to buy the car back from Florida neighbor Jack Klompus, George wonders how much money he stands to inherit from his own parents, only to have his inquiries prompt Frank and Estelle to start spending it now. Meanwhile, as Elaine contemplates a windfall from her J. Peterman stock options, Kramer finds he cannot sleep in the same bed with his new girlfriend, Emily.

Telling his parents he's working in Atlantic City, Jerry slips away to Florida where he spends much more than his parents got to repurchase their car. However, when Kiompus has an accident that requires him to return on short notice, Morty is sure Jerry is in trouble and asks Elaine for a job to help support his son. And just as she agrees to find something for him, Peterman unexpectedly returns. Although noises outside his door cause Kramer to reconsider sleeping alone, Emily decides she doesn't want him staying all night with her anymore. Meanwhile, Frank buys Estelle a Cadillac and prepares to move to Florida.

With Peterman back, Elaine finds herself with her old job, at her old salary and without any stock options. Worse yet, Morty's performance has impressed Peterman at her expense. So she schedules a late business meeting and, when Morty can't stay awake, he's fired. Then, after Emily refuses to let him stay, Kramer lands at the Costanzas as they are leaving for Florida. Finally, as Jerry returns home broke and unaware his parents are scheming to return his money, George begins to enjoy having his parents in Florida, not knowing that they are already planning to return.

SEINFACTS SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld

Elaine drinks strong Arabian coffee, the PLO blend.

Jack Klompuss proudly mentions that his space pen still works, however Klompuss loses it in the swamp during his car accident in this episode. The real Jerry still carries and uses a space pen to this day.

Kramer refers to his gambling problem when he says he has memorized the phone number at Bally's casino in Atlantic City.

Elaine officially refers to herself as the President of J. Peterman.

It's revealed that Kramer screams in his sleep.

Frank and Estelle sleep in separate beds because Estelle's got the "jimmy arms."

The Kelly Blue Book value of Jerry's Cadillac is $14,000.

SEINSPEAK SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld


"You're saying I stand to inherit three hundred thousand dollars. Is that what you're saying?"


"Course you may not see it for 20 years."


"Twenty years? That long?"


"Does your father still eat bacon and eggs everyday?"


"Fortunately, yes."

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