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After a designer at work does her a favor, Elaine is reluctant to correct her when Peggy gets her name wrong. However, it's a decision that comes back to haunt her when, thinking she's talking to Susie, Peggy complains about Elaine. After he lands an attractive date for the Yankee's Pinstripe Ball, George worries when she starts sounding like she wants to break up. So, to make sure he still has a date, he decides to avoid Allison prior to the ball. Meanwhile, as Jerry discovers that an ex-friend is now a small time bookmaker, Kramer unilaterally changes his watch off Daylight Savings Time.

As George avoids Allison, a bet Kramer placed for Jerry pays off. When Mike doesn't have the money, Jerry gives him until the end of the week to come up with it. But Jerry's accidental closing of his car trunk on Mike's hand is interpreted by Mike as a threat. When Peggy complains about Susie, Peterman asks for a meeting to resolve their differences. However, Elaine covers by saying that the she'll take care of the problem herself. Meanwhile, after speaking with Allison, Kramer breaks up with George on her behalf.

Following the car trunk incident, a terrified Mike agrees to repair it in exchange for Jerry's forgiving his debt. But when a second accident traps him inside and he overhears Elaine and Jerry, Mike is convinced they intend to kill Susie. Meanwhile, George gets Kramer to take him back, but Allison refuses, leaving Kramer as his date for the ball. Then, as Peterman suggests promoting Susie, Elaine claims she committed suicide. However, as Elaine is delivering the eulogy, Mike interrupts the funeral claiming Jerry murdered Susie. Finally, as the constant resetting of his watch throws Kramer into a state of confusion, Peterman appoints Elaine to head up a charitable foundation in Susie's honor.

SEINFACTS SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld

According to Jerry, the restaurant where everyone breaks up is called Pomadoro's.

Kramer is kicked out of a Knicks game for fighting with Indiana Pacer star Reggie Miller.

The building in which Susie's memorial took place was actually CBS Studio Center's Building 5, home to Seinfeld's writers' and production offices.

In an homage to George's upwards-glancing scream of "Kahn!" in "The Foundation," Elaine screams "Susie!" to the ceiling after hearing that Peterman has put her in charge of a foundation in the memory of the imaginary Susie.

SEINSPEAK SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld


"She tried to end it with me, Jerry."


"What'd ya do?"


"I told her I was out of soda, I went out to get some, and I never went back."

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