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The English Patient


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As George meets a beautiful woman who claims he looks like her boyfriend, Elaine reluctantly sees The English Patient. While Elaine's low opinion of the popular film costs her a date, George becomes obsessed with outdoing Danielle's boyfriend, Neil. In Florida helping his parents move, Jerry is surprised to learn that the Cubans he agreed to bring home for Kramer aren't cigars, but three cigar rollers. And when Jerry is challenged to prove who can lift the most weight, a boastful friend of his father is hospitalized.

As Jerry tries to apologize, Izzy Mandelbaum is re-injured and sent to a specialist in New York where the discovery that the cigar rollers are actually from the Dominican Republic ruins Kramer's business venture.

And when Elaine claims to have never seen The English Patient, Peterman insists she drop everything to go with him. Meanwhile, as Jerry tries apologizing again, Izzy's aging son ends up in the hospital, too, as George tries to outdo Neil by asking Danielle to move in with him.

After revealing her feelings about the film, Elaine saves her job by agreeing to a trip to Tunisia where The English Patient was filmed. And when Jerry heads back to the hospital, an injury to Izzy's dad jeopardizes their family restaurant business. So Jerry gets the unemployed Dominicans to help out. But when they are fired, the disgruntled trio hijacks Elaine's flight to Cuba as Danielle decides she's staying with Neil.

SEINFACTS SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld

The family seen in the movie poster for Sack Lunch is actually that of Tim Kaiser, one of Seinfeld's producers. Tim is on the left side with his chin on his hand.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus gets a scene with her half-sister Lauren Bowles in this episode. Bowles appears in her usual role as coffee-shop waitress.

Izzy Mandelbaum's room number at the New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center is 203.

Though his face is never shown on screen, Neil is played by Jeff Miller, the stand-in for Jason Alexander, who bore more than a passing resemblance to George Costanza.

George's final act of revenge on Neil, pulling the IV drip from Neil's body, was ad-libbed by Jason Alexander.

SEINSPEAK SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld


"Elaine, I hope you're watching the clothes, because I can't take my eyes off the passion."


"Oh. No. I can't do this anymore. I can't. It's too long. Quit telling your stupid story about the stupid desert and just die already! Die!"

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