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The Yada Yada


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When dentist Tim Whatley changes religions, Jerry suspects it's only so he can tell Jewish jokes with a clear conscience. And while George's girlfriend has him intrigued by her frequent use of the phrase "yada yada," Elaine is asked to vouch for the Lookners in their effort to adopt a child. Although intending to make Beth and her husband look good, Elaine's reference to Arnie's temper jeopardizes the adoption. Meanwhile, after Kramer and Mickey arrange a double date with two women, they cannot decide who gets which one.

When Marcy's "yada yada" obscures the fact that she slept with a former boyfriend, George presses for details and discovers there's a lot about her that he doesn't want to know. Turning to Tim's former priest for help, Jerry tells a joke that causes everyone to think he's biased against dentists. Meanwhile, as Elaine realizes that she cost Arnie and Beth their adoption and sets out to correct the mistake, Kramer changes his mind about Karen after meeting her parents.

While Beth suspects Arnie and Elaine of having an affair, Mickey announces that he and Karen are getting married. As Elaine aggressively lobbies to get the Lookners a child, she learns that Jerry is already planning to woo Beth following her divorce. But when George and Marcy's shopping trip ends with her being jailed, word that Mickey's dad is a dentist exposes Beth's own prejudices. Finally, it's only after she's married that Kramer learns Karen liked him best.

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The phrase "Yada-Yada" has recently been added to the Oxford English dictionary.

Peter Mehlman on the "yada-yada" phenomenon: "The big phrase was supposed to be 'anti-dentite.' You know, that was the phrase that I thought was going to kind of catch on, through that episode. But the 'yada-yada' thing just went through the roof. And the reason I came up with 'yada-yada' was because I just remembered some woman that I had known, years and years earlier, who said 'yada-yada.' And I'd never heard anyone else say it. And it just sounded funny. And I kind of threw it in there, and it managed to get into just everybody's speech pattern in the show. And that was what took off."

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"I've yada yada'd sex."




"Yeah. I met this lawyer, we went out to dinner, I had the lobster bisque, we went back to my place, yada yada yada, I never heard from him again."


"But you yada yada'd over the best part."


"No, I mentioned the bisque."

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