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The Millennium


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While Kramer begins planning a millennium party, Jerry is happy to have made it to the number one spot on his girlfriend's telephone speed dial. But when Kim's stepmother learns it was at her expense, she warns him to stay away from her daughter's phone. Meanwhile, when Elaine is upset by a store clerk's lack of interest in selling her a pair of sandals, Kramer sends her to another store where she's determined to buy them as revenge, while another job offer inspires George to get fired from the Yankees.

Hoping to get himself fired, George wears a priceless uniform that once belonged to Babe Ruth to an important meeting, only to be stunned when the Yankee's owner approves of his irreverence. And, as Kramer learns that Newman is also planning a millennium bash of his own, Elaine is disappointed when, after spending lots of money at a competing store, the offending clerk doesn't even recognize her. Meanwhile, when Jerry tries to intercede on Mrs. Tanner's behalf, Kim takes her stepmother off the speed dial altogether. And as Newman agrees to co-host a party with Kramer provided that Jerry can't come, George redoubles his efforts to get fired.

As Kramer pledges not to attend Newman's party without Jerry, Elaine discovers that the store she's targeted for revenge is owned by the same person as the one where she bought all her clothes. And when Kramer's plot to sabotage the store's clothing backfires, he inadvertently poisons Kim's mom instead. Finally, in order to get Elaine to attend his millennium party, Newman must invite Jerry, too. And while George nearly gets himself fired, his boss accepts all the blame so that he can get another job for himself.

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Newman's millennium party is called the "Newmanium." He started planning it in 1978 and its plan included reserving the revolving restaurant that overlooks Times Square and he booked '70s soft rock superstar Christopher Cross.

In his attempts to get fired, George wears Babe Ruth's actual uniform while eating a messy lunch; he runs onto the field in a flesh-colored bodystocking during a Yankees game; driving in the Yankee parking lot while yelling insults through a bullhorn and dragging the World Series trophy on the blacktop.

Kramer assumes the alias of wealthy American industrialist A.G. Pennypacker for the first time in "The Millennium."

It was originally intended to end this episode with a whimsical look at what the year 2000 will be like. But it was ruled out due to time constraints and the fact that showing that the coffee shop was underwater would be prohibitively expensive.

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"I guess I can accept a little Jerry if it gets me a lot of Elaine."

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