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The Merv Griffin Show


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As Kramer salvages a discarded set from the old Merv Griffin Show, Jerry discovers a collection of mint condition vintage toys in the closet of his girlfriend, Lizbeth. But when he asks to play with them, Lizbeth refuses, claiming they are an inheritance from her late father. Meanwhile, when a fellow employee sidles up beside her trying to claim credit for her hard work, Elaine wants revenge. And while George can't keep from injuring pigeons that won't get out of his way, Kramer puts the discarded talk show set in his apartment.

When he tries to impress his girlfriend by avoiding another pigeon, George injures a squirrel instead. And to keep Miranda happy, he must agree to pay for an operation to save the squirrel's life. After Jerry drugs Lizbeth in order to play with her toys, Elaine's claiming credit for Lou's work lands her in trouble with Peterman. But when Jerry reveals how he got to Lizbeth's toys, he's banned from Kramer's set. Meanwhile, after Jerry and George use a combination of food and some old home movies to put Lizbeth to sleep so they can play with her toys, boredom forces Kramer to adopt an edgier format for his show.

After learning he'll have to care for the squirrel at home, George decides to unload the ailing animal on Kramer's guest, animal expert Jim Fowler. Then, after Elaine's sidling causes Peterman to complain, Lou suggests that one of Lizbeth's toys could keep him from ruining her job. Meanwhile, after Jerry admits to drugging her, Kramer surprises him with a visit from an angry Lizbeth. And in the ensuing chaos, Fowler's hawk attacks George's squirrel, destroying the set. Finally, as George tries to rehabilitate the squirrel, Elaine goes after Lizbeth and her toys.

SEINFACTS SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld

Jerry once performed on the real Merv Griffin Show with his fly accidentally unzipped.

This episode contains by far the most scenes and longest duration ever spent in Kramer's apartment.

Jerry's apartment does not appear in this episode.

If you look closely, you can see Julia Louis-Dreyfus is starting to laugh at Kramer's antics after he burps during the "commercial break."

We learn in this episode that George was still having his diaper changed by his parents when he was 7-1/2 years old.

SEINSPEAK SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld


"It's the Merv Griffin set."


"How did you get this in here?"


"You just bring it in sideways and hook it."


"So where are you gonna sleep?"



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