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The Betrayal


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Upon their return from Sue Ellen Mischke's wedding in India, Jerry, George and Elaine are barely speaking to each other. Having learned that Jerry slept with his girlfriend, Nina, George is demanding, as compensation, a chance to sleep with Elaine. And as Elaine is upset at having ruined Sue Ellen's wedding by revealing that she once slept with the groom, Kramer is haunted by a friend's evil wish.

Recalling their ill fated trip to India, Elaine admits that having too much to drink led her to tell George about Jerry's indiscretion. To make matters worse, Elaine's revelation of her own affair with groom Pinter Ranawat came only after she agreed to be the maid of honor for her longtime rival, Sue Ellen. Asked why she went in the first place, Elaine claims it was only to deprive Sue Ellen of the satisfaction of inviting her to the wedding, certain that she wouldn't go all the way to India to attend. Meanwhile, as George remembers how highly he thought of Jerry before his affair with Nina, Kramer tries to keep his friend from wishing him ill.

Going back even further, George recalls his first date with Nina as Elaine remembers learning of Jerry's affair. And as Jerry worries about her being able to keep his secret, Elaine recalls how Pinter's parents tried to convince her just to buy their son and Sue Ellen a gift. Then, after Jerry explains how he ended up in bed with Nina, Kramer recalls the innocent snowball attack that upset his friend, FDR. Finally, as George thinks back to how he and Nina met, Jerry recalls meeting Kramer for the very first time.

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This entire episode was broadcast in reverse order with the Castle Rock logo and end credits running at the beginning and the story being told backwards, ending with the opening credits.

Elaine's boyfriend Pinter is an obvious reference to that of playwright Harold Pinter, whose well-drama "Betrayal" deals with love triangles and has the scenes performed backwards in time.

According to Jerry, the combination to Elaine's "vault" is getting her drunk.

Though the date is never given, Newman's birthday occurs in this episode meaning that it likely falls sometime in November.

In this episode, we learn that George is 5'6" though he claims to be 5'8"

George says in "The Betrayal" that Jerry and he have been best friends since the fourth grade.

The final scene in this episode is said to take place eleven years earlier. In it we see Jerry and Kramer's first meeting and we hear Kramer's explanation for why Jerry called him "Kessler" in the pilot.

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"Look, we are gonna settle this right now! I demand reparations! I should get to sleep with Elaine. That's the only way to punish you!"


"That doesn't punish me. It punishes Elaine! And cruelly, I might add."

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