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The Dealership


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When Elaine's on again/off again boyfriend David Puddy gives up being a mechanic to sell cars, Jerry goes to see him about buying a new Saab. While Jerry is certain of getting the best possible deal, George recalls his own family's disastrous history with buying new cars and warns against relying on anything David says. Meanwhile, as George struggles to get a candy bar that's stuck inside the car dealership's stubborn vending machine, Kramer persuades a salesman named Rick to give him a test drive.

After Elaine complains about David's persistent use of the "high five" handshake, they break up again and leave Jerry with little hope of getting the deal he was promised. To make matters worse, George is convinced that the dealership has it out for him after the vending machine gives the candy bar he bought to one of the mechanics. Meanwhile, after using the test drive to run his errands, Kramer convinces Rick to see just how far they can go on a tank of gas.

When Jerry begs her to make up with David so he can get a good deal, Elaine extracts some concessions before she'll agree. Faced with David's reluctance to make up, Jerry must find a compromise that will allow for the resumption of the relationship. Meanwhile, once George assembles his case for the candy bar, he's undercut when both staff and customers help themselves to his carefully prepared evidence. Finally, as Kramer and Rick press the car's gas tank to the limit, Jerry finds common ground to reunite David and Elaine... until his refusal to acknowledge a high five ruins the deal.

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This is one of the few episodes in which none of the action happens in Jerry's apartment.

The Sunday after "The Dealership" aired, Seinfeld won the People's Choice Award for favorite comedy series.

We learn several things in "The Dealership": Elaine's boyfriend Puddy recently "graduated" from being a mechanic to car salesperson; George once owned a Le Car; Jerry buys another Saab 900 convertible; and Elaine and Puddy regularly go to Arby's.

The shot of George yelling "Twix!" at the ceiling is a callback to the similar moment in Season Eight's "The Foundation" when George yelled "Kahn."

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"Excuse me. I believe you just ate my Twix bar. It was dangling. And when you purchased your Twix bar, you got a little freebie, and you never bothered to ask why or seek out its right full owner."

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