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After Jerry confides that his friend Sally Weaver should have abandoned her acting career long ago, Kramer doesn't hesitate to make the opinion public. But when Sally decides to quit, Jerry doesn't want to be responsible and begs her to ignore his comments. And when she does just that, Sally ends up getting rave reviews for her new one woman show attacking Jerry. Then, after claiming that George's girlfriend looks just like Jerry, Kramer decides to give up talking after he's criticized for the conclusions he's drawn. Meanwhile, when a magazine editor who is responsible for an enigmatic cartoon hasn't a clue as to what it means, Elaine is encouraged to submit some of her own.

After seeing Sally's performance, Jerry asks that she not be so harsh on him. But following a TV news story about the show, he's upset to find that she used his plea as material for her show. After learning that she recorded another conversation with him to use in her act, Jerry cuts off all communication so as not to accelerate Sally's rapidly rising star. Meanwhile, as George struggles to find a reason other than looks as a basis for his relationship with Janet, Elaine attempts to crack the cartoon market. But when her cartoon is published, Peterman recognizes it as the work of a famous cartoonist.

As George tries using their mutual love for gum as the foundation for his relationship with Janet, Kramer starts talking again. And after seeing her cable TV special, Jerry is stunned to learn that he did all his talking about him to Sally. Finally, after the cartoonist Elaine subconsciously plagiarized gets published in the magazine, a gum chewing accident forces Janet to cut her hair short, making her look even more like Jerry.

SEINFACTS SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld

In this episode we learn that Elaine's job includes fixing J. Peterman's flat tires; that Peterman is a fan of the syndicated comic strip Ziggy; that Puddy has Ziggy bedsheets; and that Jerry secretly draws pictures of Lois Lane naked.

Kathy Griffin returns to the show as Susan Ross's college roommate Sally Weaver. Her return was inspired by Griffin's stand-up routines which included barbs about how Jerry Seinfeld was rude to her during her first appearance in "The Doll."

Sally Weaver's hour long one-woman show is called Jerry Seinfeld is the Devil and is performed at the Samuel Beckett Theater. Newman's seen the show six times.

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"Kramer, what are you talking about? Janet doesn't look anything like Jerry."


"Well, maybe we do look a little like each other."


"No, what do you know about what you look like?"


C'mon, George, relax. Just because they look alike doesn't mean you're secretly in love with Jerry."

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