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The Wizard


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Upon buying his father an expensive electronic organizer for his birthday, Jerry tells him that he got "The Wizard" on the street for just $50. And when Susan's parents call for the first time since her funeral, George avoids an invitation to a black tie charity dinner by claiming he has a summer home in the Hamptons. Meanwhile, as Elaine wonders if her boyfriend Darryl is black, Kramer decides to retire when his coffee table book is optioned by a Hollywood producer. But Jerry is stunned when Kramer moves into his parent's Florida retirement community.

As Kramer endears himself to the neighbors, Morty decides that he's just what the condo association needs as its new president someone he can control. With Morty as his manager, Kramer campaigns until a serious breach of clubhouse rules puts his candidacy in jeopardy. To placate the condo board, Morty suggests that Jerry get them all electronic organizers, unaware that they really cost $200 each. Meanwhile, as he continues his elaborate ruse for the Rosses, George worries that Elaine may have blown his cover story. So he invites them to see his summer home.

When Elaine is forced to reveal that she thinks Darryl is black, that's when he not only says that he isn't, but that he thought she was Hispanic. Then, on a tip from Kramer, Jerry gets some cut rate electronic organizers. But when they don't work, Kramer loses the election and forces Jerry to admit to deceiving his dad. Finally, after going with him to the Hamptons, the Rosses admit they knew all along that George was lying about the summer house.

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During a montage, we see that Kramer's life at Del Boca Vista Phase III consists of playing ping-pong, dancing with all the old ladies while the old men look on, and watching ambulances drive off with his neighbors.

While Jerry is out of town, Elaine gets his mail while George is put in charge of flushing the toilet to "exercise the gaskets."

Kramer's coffee-table book is optioned for a movie. Kramer also claims that toy ray guns were the source material for the movie Independence Day.

According to Kramer, Bob Saccamanno's father lives in Florida.

George's made-up horses are called Snoopy and Prickly Pete.

The Boca Breeze newspaper shown in this episode also contained front-page items on Larry David's hole-in-one, reporting on how he hurt his elbow playing golf and announcing that he will never play golf again.

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"House in the Hamptons?"


"Well, you know, I've been lyin' about my income for a few years. I figured I could afford a fake house in the Hamptons."

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