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The Puerto Rican Day


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After leaving a baseball game early to avoid the traffic, Jerry and his friends get stuck in the annual Puerto Rican Day parade. And Jerry's one chance at beating the traffic tie-up is ruined by a confrontation with a man in a maroon Volkswagen Golf. Meanwhile, as Elaine frets over missing 60 Minutes because of the traffic, George decides to repeat a joke he made during a movie that made the audience laugh. But, as Elaine debates whether walking would be faster than taking a cab, George arrives at the theater to find another prankster who's entertaining the audience with a laser pointer.

After insincerely negotiating with the maroon Golf's driver in order to get his car moving again, Jerry's escape is cut off by Elaine's cab. And as George is stalked by Gary and his laser, Elaine organizes a group of disgruntled pedestrians to navigate beneath the parade's bleachers. Meanwhile, in order use the bathroom, Kramer poses as a potential apartment buyer in a nearby luxury building. And after learning he can watch the rest of the baseball game on the apartment's TV, Jerry decides to have a look as well.

As Elaine and her group find their escape route blocked, George sets out to stop Gary. However, after accosting the wrong person and ending up with ink all over his hands, he heads for the apartment to wash up as he continues to be tormented by the laser. Meanwhile, Kramer is forced to run for his life after accidentally setting a Puerto Rican flag on fire. And after making his way to the apartment in his escape, Kramer and his friends watch as Jerry's car is attacked by the angry mob.

SEINFACTS SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld

Kramer shares the news that Bob Saccamanno made a fortune on paddle balls after coming up with the idea to add a rubber band.

The traffic jam for "The Puerto Rican Day" was filmed at Universal Studios

A scene in Jerry's empty apartment kicks off the last half of the show. It's the only empty shot of the apartment in the series.

"The Puerto Rican Day" ran only once on NBC because of the controversy it caused on its original airing. NBC was forced to issue an apology to the Puerto Rican community, many members of which were offended by the use of their flag as a comic prop in the episode.

Elaine reveals in this episode that she attended Tufts University. She adds that Tufts was her "safety school."

Jerry and the writers had t-shirts made up commemorating the filming of this episode. On the back was written "So long, Jackass."

SEINSPEAK SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld


"They should make a movie about all the Hindenburg flights that made it."


"Anyway, right in the middle, the ship blows up, burning debris, bodies falling, and then just as this eerie silence settles over the airfield, I yelled out, 'That's gotta hurt!' The place went nuts."


"Imagine the laugh you could have gotten if you'd yelled that out at the actual disaster."

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