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The Clip Show - Part 1


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INTRODUCTION: This special episode of SEINFELD looks back at the 9 years of moments which have defined the show, including George's embarrassment in the famous "shrinkage" episode, Elaine's awkward dancing, and Kramer's hosting "The Merv Griffm Show" from his apartment. We also take a look at Jerry and his many dating experiences.

RELATIONSHIPS: Here we take a look at getting in and out of relationships. This retrospective gives us a view of the SEINFELD crew's philosophy's on relationships, including George's wanting to break up over the phone, Elaine's "spongeworthy" interview for a boyfriend, Kramer's ideas about girlfriends in general and Jerry's inability to remember his girlfriend Dolores name.

DANCE MONTAGE: This segment captures many of the cast members getting down and showing us how they can boogie. Set to music, it's non-stop laughter from beginning to end.

OUTTAKES/BEHIND-THE-SCENES: Compiled here are a series of outtakes and behind-the-scenes clips that are hysterical. Included here are Jerry's inability to perform with Michael Richards because of a severe case of the giggles, and Julia Louis Dreyfus struggle to keep it together in a scene with Jerry Stiller. To close this special episode, a sentimental music montage follows with behind the scenes footage of the cast throughout the 9 years of production.

SEINFACTS SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld

Please refer to the individual episodes featured in the "The Clip Show" for their respective Seinfacts.

SEINSPEAK SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld

So many clips, so little room. We couldn't choose a favorite!

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