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Spectacular Spider-man [01] - Volume 01

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Spectacular Spider-man [01] - Volume 01
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About Spectacular Spider-man [01] - Volume 01

It's been a tough week for Peter Parker. His two best friends are mad at him, Aunt May is behind on the bills and Flash Thompson is still bullying him at school. It hasn't been a cakewalk for Spider-manTM either. The Enforcers are trying to destroy him, the Vulture is seeking revenge on Mr. Osborn, Electro is wreaking havoc on the city and his mentor, Dr. Connors, just transformed into The Lizard - a reptile on a rampage. But with great power comes great responsibility and Peter Parker wouldn't have it any other way. Release comprised of 3 episodes from the hit TV series!


Lacey Chabert, Josh Keaton, Vanessa Marshall, Ben Diskin