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The Blue And The Gray

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The Blue And The Gray
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About The Blue And The Gray

A remarkable ensemble of screen legends, including Gregory Peck, Stacy Keach, Lloyd Bridges, Geraldine Page and Colleen Dewhurst star in one of the most compelling, thoughtful and comprehensive CivilWar films ever produced. Based on the works of Pulitzer Prize winner Bruce Catton, THE BLUE & THE GRAY is recognized for its historic accuracy, dramatic intensity and spectacular battle sequences. Filmed entirely on location in Arkansas with over 160 characters and 6,300 extras, this searing saga contains all the stirring conflict and narrative lyricism of such cinematic masterpieces as Gone withthe Wind and Glory. The film brilliantly reconstructs an eternally fascinating and controversial era in American history when families and nation were divided between the black and the white, the North and the South and THE BLUE & THE GRAY.

Associate Producer

John Leekley, Jon C. Andersen

Executive Producer

Larry White

Story by

John Leekley, Bruce Catton


Ian McLellan Hunter


Harry Thomason, Hugh Benson


Andrew V. McLaglen


Lloyd Bridges, Rory Calhoun, Colleen Dewhurst, Sterling Hayden, Stacy Keach, Warren Oates, Geraldine Page, Gregory Peck, Rip Torn, Robert Vaughn, Paul Winfield, John Hammond

Co-Executive Producer

Lou Reda, Jack Arbib