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Til Death - Season 2

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Til Death - Season 2
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About Til Death - Season 2

Eddie & Joy and Jeff & Steph continue to discover that experience isn't always the most reliable compass for navigating the ins and outs of married life. As the Starks and the Woodcocks continue their parallel journeys at opposite ends of the marriage spectrum, it would stand to reason that a quarter century together would have left Eddie & Joy with something more to offer Jeff & Steph. But what's often clear is that they have gathered as little insight into what makes a marriage work as their younger neighbors. Whether it's learning the price of keeping quiet for way too long about a spouse's irritating habits or underestimating the reaction to bringing home some racy films to spice things up in the bedroom, time and again these two couples discover just how little they have really learned about the opposite sex. Yet, despite their foibles, the Starks and the Woodcocks cannot shake their commitment to their marriages and each other from now 'TIL DEATH. 0201 - PERFORMANCE ANXIETY As a birthday gift reveals just how little confidence Jeff has in Steph being able to complete her master's thesis, Eddie confesses that he has always found Joy's singing to be over the top, while she complains about his corny jokes and celebrity impersonations. 0202 - COME OUT AND PLAY While Jeff looks to save face by entering a team in a faculty league basketball game, Eddie worries that his false claims of being a basketball star are about to be exposed. 0203 - FOUR NEIGHBORS AND A FUNERAL The death of a longtime neighbor exposes Eddie and Joy's differences of opinion over their relationships with their other neighbors. 0204 - EVERYBODY DIGS DOUG Eddie is branded the bad guy after refusing to let Allison and her boyfriend share a room during their visit. 0205 - NO MORE MR. VICE GUY After being appointed acting principal, Jeff asserts his newfound authority by freely venting his anger and suspending Eddie. 0206 - TALE OF THE TAPE Jeff seeks Eddie's advice after Steph suggests they watch a porn film to spice up their sex life. 0207 - MIXED DOUBLES Shockwaves are sent through their respective marriages after Joy and Jeff become tennis partners, and Eddie starts attending yoga class with Steph. 0208 - BEDTIME STORIES Eddie's disagreement with Joy over who is responsible for repairing a broken lamp inspires Jeff to assert his own independence from Steph's bedtime routine. 0209 - VINTAGE EDDIE When a misunderstanding leads Eddie to mistakenly give Jeff a valuable bottle of wine for his birthday, he and Joy hatch a plan to get it back 0210 - SECOND MARRIAGE GUY Jealous of the freedom that a second marriage has given Karl, Eddie and Jeff set out to find it in their first marriages. 0211 - PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM Eddie balks when Joy uses a romantic evening on the town to suggest that they consider moving to Philadelphia 0212 - COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S PARENTS, THE The Star


Joely Fisher, Brad Garrett, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Kat Foster

Executive Producer

Josh Goldsmith, Cathy Yuspa