​As we continue to closely monitor the coronavirus COVID-19 situation globally, we have decided to expand the scope of SPE's travel guidance. For now, all non-production business travel should be postponed. Business essential travel will be considered on an exception basis. This includes travel between countries and travel within a given country, including the United States. If you already have a business trip scheduled, please contact Travel and consider alternatives such as video conference.

Note: Please continue to follow local and regional guidance as more frequent and specific communications may be shared with your offices. For productions, please follow the guidance provided by your leaders who are in communication with producers and Unit Production Managers.

While this updated guidance may cause some inconvenience, we are expanding the travel restriction out of an abundance of caution with the health and well-being of employees in mind. We also have updated guidance about returning to the office, covering a variety of situations:

  • If you have recently visited mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Italy or Iran, or if you have recently been in very close contact with someone who recently returned from these locations, please work from home for 14 days from your return (or contact) date, and contact your physician if you develop symptoms.
  • If you, or someone you have had close contact with, has been diagnosed by a doctor with a confirmed case of COVID-19, please work from home for 14 days and reach out to your manager or P&O to discuss additional recommended precautions.  
  • If you are returning from travel in any areas potentially impacted within the past 14 days, please reach out to your manager or P&O partner to discuss recommended precautions.

We will continue to communicate any important updates or changes that you need to know. Additional resources, information and links can be found on mySPE. For any immediate questions, please reach out to your manager, P&O partner or the Global Security Operations Center (GSOC@spe.sony.com or +1 310-244-5505).