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He’s got the number one show on television (starring Cynthia Rothrock, An Eye For An Eye; and Paul Logan, Sniper: Special Ops) and millions of adoring fans think he doesn't have a care in the world. But the truth is, poor Murphy (YouTube’s “Just Jesse The Jack”) doesn’t have a friend in the world! True, he gets top billing on his weekly TV series ‘Doggie 911’, but the old Hollywood adage – ‘it’s lonely at the top’ – certainly applies to this canine super-star. Then one day, fate steps in and some young fans (Sydney Thackray; Walter Mintz) accidentally let the little guy loose. The grateful pooch follows the kids home and they agree to hide him. Meanwhile, the studio boss (Shadoe Stevens, The Late Late Show) has offered a big reward for his safe return, so the local sheriff (Michael Paré, The Infiltrator) and some unscrupulous ‘agency men’ (Jaret Sacrey; Freddy James) are determined to track the dog at all costs. So now, with dark forces closing in from all sides, can the kids save the god, and can a lesson be taught to the studios to be good to the hand that fees them? Wagging his little tail with confidence, Murphy firmly believes he’s up to the task!

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