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Eric Ashworth (Joseph Morgan, “The Vampire Diaries”) survives an almost lethal overdose of his own popular recreational drug only to wake up in police custody, badly burned, with no memory of what happened. Implicated as both the chemist and the arsonist responsible for blowing up the drug’s makeshift factory, Eric is informed by Detective Anslinger (Ron Pearlman, Hellboy) and his shady lawyer Morell (Kate Walsh, “Gray’s Anatomy”) that he has five days to find the mysterious Desiree (Nicole Badaan, Bigfoot) and uncover the truth behind what happened.Eric is determined to clear his name, even as a crime boss (Walton Goggins, The Hateful Eight) and his ominous associates (Luciaus Fallick, Dallas Buyers Club, andAnwan Glover, Twelve Years a Slave) demand that Eric to return to his underground chemical exploits. But how can a man whose reality is based on a past life that’s now, at best, a vague and distant memory clear his name?

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