Hilda and the Mountain King is an epic 80-minute movie adapted from Luke Pearson’s celebrated graphic novel. It picks up where the shocking cliff-hanger ending of Hilda Season 2 left off, finding Hilda stranded in troll country with the body of a troll. Her quest to change back into her human form and reunite with her mum and friends brings her deeper into the world of trolls: their customs, their cuisine, and their legends; namely the infamous Mountain King. Meanwhile, as tensions rise between the gathering trolls and the city of Trolberg, Hilda’s mum scours the mountainside desperate to find her daughter before the conflict erupts into a full blown war.

Directed by

Andy Coyle

Written by

Luke Pearson

Based On the Hilda Book Series Created by Luke Pearson and Published by Flying Eye Books

Head Writer

Stephanie Simpson 

Executive Producer

Kurt Mueller 

Co-Executive Producers

Luke Pearson,  Stephanie Simpson

Produced by

Bryan Korn,  Andy Coyle,  Rachel Simon,  Steve Jacobson,  Chantal Ling,  Victor Reyes,  Emerald Wright-Collie


Bella Ramsey,  Ameerah Falzon-Ojo,  Oliver Nelson,  Daisy Haggard,  Rasmus Hardiker,  John Hopkins,  Lucy Montgomery,  Dino Kelly,  Rachel August,  Agnes Peacock

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