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Sniper 3
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About Sniper 3

Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Beckett is the US Marine Corps deadliest sniper. Having taken out warlords, drug kingpins and international assassins Beckett must now face the ultimate enemy when its discovered that his best friend Paul Finnegan, believed to have been killed in action, has been operating secretly and become a danger to the US, and the world. An undercover agent working in Vietnam has flushed Finnegan from hiding and he is a criminal force beyond any the Marine Corps expected. Now, there will only be one chance to take him outland it's Beckett who will take the shot.


J.S. Cardone, Ross Helford


P. J. Pesce


Scott Einbinder, Carol Kottenbrook


Denis Arndt, Tom Berenger, Byron Mann, John Doman, William Duffy