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Starship Troopers

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        Running Time
        Rating Reasons
        For graphic sci-fi violence and gore, and for some language and nudity.

        Blu-Ray Features

        • Director and Cast Commentary
        • Death from Above
        • Screen Tests
        • The Spaceships of Starship Troopers
        • The Making of Starship Troopers
        • Bug Test Film: "Don't Look Now"
        • Scene Development: Tanker Bug Ride with Commentary by Paul Verhoeven
        • Storyboard Comparisons
        • Deleted Scenes
        • Behind the Scenes: Rodger Young Destroyed with Commentary by Paul Verhoeven
        • Know Your Foe: Bug Profiles
        • Commentary with Paul Verhoeven and Ed Neumeier
        • Blu-ray Exclusive: Recruitment Test
        • FX Comparisons
        • Blu-ray Exclusive: FedNet Mode - Bonus View Picture-in-Picture with Enhanced Graphics