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Inspired by Ang Lee's "Eat Drink Man Woman," this is the story of three grown sisters trying to cope with -- and live with -- their father (Elizondo), who has one simple rule: be home for Sunday dinner! Carmen (Obradors), the middle sister, is a beautiful and successful executive who has just been offered a dream job in Barcelona. Does she tale the job -- which offers big bucks and ensures her fathers happiness -- or follow her heart into the kitchen to cook the seductive and rebellious tortillas, tomatillos, and chiles that she loves? Maribel (Mello), the baby of the family, is off for college in the fall. But plans change when the bohemian free spirit Andy (Kinsi) enters her life. Who needs college when you can travel the world? The eldest, Leticia (Peña), is a prim and proper schoolteacher who lives a life of quiet devotion to her father, her pupils and the Lord until she starts receiving mysterious love letters. Add Hortensia (Welch) to the pot -- a flamboyant and flirtatious grandmother hot for Martin -- and things get even spicier. What brews is a series of memorable Sunday meals, featuring tasty offerings and a bevy of delicious surprises.

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