Octonauts Above & Beyond:  The Octonauts’ new Global Mission on land!  
Responding to a range of new dangers across our ever-changing planet, the Octonauts take their adventures beyond the sea and onto LAND! Enlisting their intrepid friends from around the globe as specialized Octo-Agents, and equipped with a new fleet of land-based Terra Gups, the Octonauts’ mission is as vital as ever: They will EXPLORE harsh and remote environments, RESCUE animals that need their help, and PROTECT the land and all living creatures!

Directed by

Patrice Bérubé

Written by

Stephanie Simpson,  Kevin Hopps,  Marty Isenberg,  Rich Fogel,  et al.

Based on the Book The Octonauts by

Meomi: Vicki Wong and Michael C. Murphy

Produced by

Lacey Stanton,  Rachel Simon,  Steve Jacobson,  Michael Hefferon,  Kim Dent Wilder

Executive Producers

Andrew Hymas,  Adam Idelson,  Stephanie Simpson,  Kurt Mueller


Antonio Aakeel,  Chipo Chung,  Simon Foster,  Teresa Gallagher,  Simon Greenall,  Kate Harbour,  Paul Panting,  Rob Rackstraw,  William Vanderpuye,  Helen Walsh,  Keith Wickham,  Andres Williams,  Jo Wyatt,  Wayne Grayson (US),  Jenny Yokobori (US)