The Creature Cases, a new animated action-comedy series. The Creature Cases follows the adventures of Sam Snow and Kit Casey, agents of CLADE: the Covert League of Animal Detective Experts. In a world populated exclusively by animals, these brilliant sleuths travel the globe, solving mind-boggling mysteries that mix real zoological facts with wild detective action!

Young viewers will love joining Sam and Kit as they embark on each mission aboard their talking jet RON, equipped with a dazzling array of hi-tech detective gear and gadgets. Their tough-squawking boss Director Peggy Scratch is sure to become a family favourite, as are their pals The Mice Squad, co-hosts of a one-minute musical “Fact File” segment that recaps key animal info from each adventure using real wildlife footage.
The Creature Cases is produced in partnership with TeamTo, the critically acclaimed animation studio.

Directed by

Jérémie Guneau & Sébastien Le Nevé

Created by

Gabe Pulliam

Written by

Gabe Pulliam,  Adam Felber,  Adam Idelson,  Charley Feldman,  Christian Marsh Reiman,  Connor McCune,  Halcyon Person,  Melinda LaRose,  Michael Rodriguez,  Miden Wood,  Morgan von Ancken,  Nick Confalone,  Ruth Morrison,  Shakira Pressley,  Veronica Pickett

Production Design by

Alex Red

Produced by

Gabe Pulliam,  Rachel Simon,  Michelle Papandrew,  Guillaume Hellouin,  Caroline Souris

Executive Producers

Adam Idelson,  Kurt Mueller


Nneka Okoye,  Shash Hira,  Teresa Gallagher,  Darren Foreman,  Harriet Carmichael,  Rob Rackstraw,  Alex Woodhall,  Jules de Jongh,  Marcel McCalla,  Kerry Shale,  Joseph Balderrama