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13 Ghosts

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13 Ghosts
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About 13 Ghosts

It's 13 times the thrills, 13 times the fun, 13 times the screams! It's 13 GHOSTS, a ghoulish fright-fest from producer-director William Castle. When an eccentric uncle wills a huge, ramshackle houseto Cyrus (Donald Woods) and his impoverished family, they get the shock of a lifetime. Their new residence comes complete with a spooky housekeeper, Elaine (Margaret Hamilton), plus a fortune in buried treasure and 12 horrifying ghosts. As the terrified family soon discovers, these haunting ectoplasms include a decapitated man, a wailing lady and a flaming skeleton who are held captive in the eerie house and must find an unlucky 13th to free them! Who'll be the final victim of these ghostly shenanigans? See for yourself if you dare!


Robb White

Associate Producer

Dona Holloway


William Castle


William Castle


Margaret Hamilton, Charles Herbert, Martin Milner, Jo Morrow, Donald Woods, Rosemary DeCamp