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40 Carats

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40 Carats
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About 40 Carats

After a summer fling with a man nearly 20 years her junior while vacationing in Greece, Ann Stanley (Liv Ullmann) returns to New York assuming she'll never see Peter (Edward Albert) again. Until, that is, he unknowingly shows up on her doorstep as a date for her daughter. Surprisingly, both daughter (Deborah Raffin) and mother (Binnie Barnes) warm to the prospect of Ann's romance with Peter, especially when it turns out he's a financial whiz with a lot more in the bank than his lady friend. The only person not completely won over is Ann herself... but 40 carats could change her mind! Also stars Gene Kelly and Nancy Walker. Newly remastered.


Leonard Gershe

Based on a Work by

Pierre Barillet, Jean-Pierre Gredy


Milton Katselas


M.J. Frankovich


Edward Albert, Binnie Barnes, Gene Kelly, Deborah Raffin, Liv Ullmann