Absolute Deception
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Absolute Deception

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Absolute Deception
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About Absolute Deception

When FBI Agent John Nelson’s (Cuba Gooding Jr.) key informant, Miles, is abducted and shot, all that’s left is a severed finger. In order to find a new lead, Nelson travels to New York City to inform widowed magazine reporter Rebecca Scott (Emmanuelle Vaugier) that her husband Miles, long presumed dead, was in fact only recently murdered. Perplexed, Scott joins Agent Nelson in the wealthy enclave of Australia’s Gold Coast to find out what really happened. As more layers of Miles’ secret life are exposed, can the two stay ahead of the mysterious attackers who will stop at nothing to halt their investigation?

Associate Producer

Peter Sullivan, Devi Singh, Kraig Wenman, Brigitte Allen, Keith Shaw

Executive Producer

James Michael Vernon, Jeffrey Schenck, Jeff Schenck, James Vernon, John Bickford


Cuba Gooding, Emmanuelle Vaugier


Kraig Wenman


Dale G. Bradley, Kirk Shaw, Grant Bradley


Brian Trenchard-Smith

Story by

Jeffrey Schenck, Peter Sullivan